Omron release a PV inverter supporting ‘Overloading’

Omron Corp announced that it will release the “KPM2” PV inverter suited for “overloading,”  in December 2016.

‘Overloading’ is a feature that allows this single-phase PV inverter to  handle more panels that it’s rates power announces in order to maximize elecricity production during mornings, evening or small sunlight moments.

Omron overlaod production curve example

Ormon presentation of the Overload feature

Maximum input voltage is 450V DC, and maximum current is 11A. It is a single-phase PV inverter for outdoor use. It is designed for residential and small-scale solar power installations.

As a result, it becomes possible to ensure business feasibility even with a low purchasing price (FIT tariff), the company said. Omron plans to sell 300,000 units during the next 3 years.



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