What we do

Market research

Objective: Focus your efforts only where it matters

We get you a clear analysis of the market, reveal your opportunities, provide you with a profile of your future customers and business partners.

Technology Marketing

Objective: Launching a new technology has never been that easy

We you receive our detailed reports with its recommandations, all you have to do is follow the traces to get to the best sub-segment for your product or technology. We already focused on your priorities to make revenues happend has you expected !

Competitive Intelligence

Objective: Stay ahead of news, M&A and strategic moves

We provide you with a regular report, tailor-made, filtering the mass of news so you can focus only on what concerns your business. We enlighten the evolution of your market and business using our very special position and point of view.

They trust us


We worked with Point the Gap on a thematic workshop for a heterogeneous audience. They were involved, proactive and successful in meeting our demand.

We purchased two reports from PointTheGap to help us gain a broader perspective industry needs. The reports provided us with comprehensive information. The design and use of graphics in the reports was excellent and distinctive, and made it easy to absorb information. We also appreciated the rapid follow-up to questions we had after reading the reports.

How we do it

Direct interviews

We pick up the phone and ask the right questions: collecting fresh and organic information for the health of your business.

Conference proceedings

The battle is on the field, so are we: shows and conferences have no secrets for us!

Patent Analysis

IP and patents world is a jungle. We found people who love making you a red carpet path through that jungle…

Web & Data mining

#1 analysis tool stays the brain. Still, #2 is computing and software. So we decided to use both.

Our expertise

Material & semiconductor

Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride

Manufacturing process

Power devices and semiconductor devices manufacturing steps (IGBT, SJ MOSFET, MOSFET, HemT, BJT, etc…)

Power modules packaging

Manufacturing materials, steps and innovations (DBC/DBA, Wirebonding, soldering and sintering, IPM, etc…)

System design

Power modules, IPM, Power stack integration. Including system architecture (conversion type, multi-level, SMPS and innovation LLC designs, etc…)

Passive components

Resistor, capacitor and inductors for medium and high power converters

Applications of Power Electronics

Low voltage (laptop and home appliances)
Medium voltage (Motor drives, electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energies)
Up to high voltage (HVDC, T&D, heavy industries)




Alex built and grew the power electronics department of Yole Développement while authoring more than 15 market reports. He is now teaching competitive intelligence to 3rd year students in addition to building Point The Gap.

He holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering with a major in semiconductors.

Among his superpowers: his ability to summarize complex theories and concepts in very simple few words and the capability to listen to you for real, which tends te be useful in consulting.

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