Eltek combines rectifier and inverter in a same box

Game changing new technology delivers bi-directional AC/DC power flows, combining the functions of a rectifier, an inverter and a transfer technology in a single module.

Eltek is today announcing the launch of the Rectiverter, a power conversion module combining the functions of a rectifier, an inverter and a “static transfer switch” in one. The Rectiverter is a 3-port bidirectional converter that simplifies solutions providing both AC and DC power to critical loads in telecom, data center and industrial applications. It features a power conversion efficiency of 96% in mains mode and 94% when operating as an inverter.
Combining a rectifier, which converts AC to DC, and an inverter, which converts DC to AC into one box simplifies the power system complexity, reduces system size and improves overall system reliability, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership over the product lifetime.

Eltek’s first product on the market is the Rectiverter HE, delivering 230V/1500W AC and 48V/1200W DC. It features high power conversion efficiency, and is controlled by a single Eltek Smartpack controller. Rectiverter systems are available as single or 3 phase, input and output, and can be scaled to meet any power demand.

“The Rectiverter is the first new technology development in modular power conversion for many years and it’s a big step into more efficient, more reliable power infrastructure,”

said Morten Schoyen, chief marketing officer of Eltek.

“It is a product that fits in well in applications where we today use rectifiers and inverters separately, and will open doors to new exciting opportunities”

“To integrate a rectifier and an Inverter in the same box, with bidirectional power flow and still maintain high efficiency is an impressive achievement,” said Dr. Tore M. Undeland, Prof Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The Rectiverter first version is based on 48VDC and has a maximum capacity of 1500 VA for AC and 1200W of DC.  The total capacity of a module is 2000VA (AC and DC combined).


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