Infineon opens a new GaN cleanroom

Infineon celebrated the Grand Opening of its new warehouse and Gallium Nitride (GaN) cleanroom at its Mesa facilityin Arizona, (USA). The multi-million-dollar expansion project added approximately 11,500 sq. ft. to the existing facility.

Dr. Juergen Woehl, Managing Director, Infineon Epi Services, said, “As a leader in semiconductor technology, our Mesa facility underlines Infineon’s commitment to work on advanced materials here in Mesa and we were delighted to celebrate the expansion of our site with our executives, employees and state and local representatives.”

Infineon Gallium Nitride GaN facility Mesa ArizonaInfineon acquired a ready for production GaN technology together with it’s acquisition of International Rectifier. But this technology is more adapted to the lower voltage range, up to 400V. They also signed and agreement to manufacture a Gallium Nitride high voltage power devices technology from a license and act a second source for X-GaN, Panasonic’s GaN technology. As stated in our GaN market report, The bigger companies are not the only players weighting in the newly coming Wide Band Gap semiconductor business. They have to fight against start-ups as GaNSystems, Transphorm, EPC corp, ViSiC and many other. We expect this facility expansion to be made to fuel the manufacturing of X-GaN technology.



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