CRRC now making 6.5kV IGBT in China

CRRC China high speed train high voltage IGBT

CRRC Yongji Xinshisu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CRRC Corp. Ltd., has developed China’s own insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module of extra-high voltage level, which is of great significance for China to localize the high-speed rail and high-power locomotive technologies.

CRRC is the company born from merger of CNR (China Northern Railway) and CSR (China Southern Railway) which were among the biggest rolling stock manufacturers in the world.
The extra-high voltage 6500V/200A IGBT module has filled the blank of China in indigenous extra-high voltage IGBT module development and is to change the country’s dependency on IGBT imports, said Zou Shichang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief technology officer of CRRC Corp.

China is the world’s largest IGBT consumer with an eight-billion-yuan market for IGBT consumption. However, the country hasn’t formed its own, complete, strong IGBT industrial system and the extra-high voltage IGBT chips have been monopolized by overseas enterprises.

Zou said the next move of CRRC is to promote the commercial application of 6500V/200A IGBT modules and further improvement in design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and application of extra-high voltage IGBT chips, replace overseas IGBT modules with our own products, and to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing industry in ‘going abroad’.

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