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May news: APEC & PCIM wrap-up

APEC Booth building

May is Sakura time and synonym of sweet weather for us in the northern hemisphere. But May is also the month when most announcements are concentrated for the Power Electronics community. It’s the month where we, at, have a lot of work to do. Now that all this excitement is gone, let’s look back […]

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Basics of Power electronics online course

The marketing of Power Electronics Among other jobs, I have been a young (and idealist) market analysis consultant. I did my best to deliver sharp and accurate analysis and market forecasts. There was a huge technological part in our work. Some reports were more than 200 pages with a lot of information and a lot […]

The question is: Who really needs GaN or SiC Power Devices ?

We know GaN and SiC are recurring subject, and you may be overwhelmed with it. We are sorry but what has been said about Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices market in the past hasn’t made a lot of good to the Power Electronics community. At, we want to make things […]

What’s new with the consumer charger market?

Avogy FinSiX laptop charger power electroncis SiC GaN

And the prophecy will (most likely) become true… We (and some other blogs) wrote a lot about the laptop and consumer charger market. We tried to raise awareness and convince you that this trend is a main trend. Although the market and supply is not going as fast as we would like it to, the market […]

Photovoltaic inverter trends to watch this year

Photovoltaic inverter market mergers and acquisitions solar inverter business

Foreword News websites and market analysis companies usually do their “trends to watch this year” article in January. It’s said to help digest the turkey and resell useless X-mas presents. As Point The Power doesn’t do anything like the others, here is our “PV market trends of the year” article in September. Introduction Solar inverter […]

What future for the ‘Tesla Group’?

Tesla solarcity future battery storage strategy

After Cars, Energy storage, Solar: What future for ‘Tesla Group’? You could not have missed this last news : Tesla announced their willingness to acquire SolarCity. We already presented our analysis of a series of news from the Electric car world, where Tesla first, then several other main competitors released their plan to offer home batteries. […]

From March to May: Wrap-up of APEC and PCIM conferences

Wafer IGBT Infineon 12 inches 300mm dresden manufacturing

March to May is the most active period of the year for Power electronics. With the main events that are APEC and PCIM happening two months one from the other, there is a lot to do, a lot to plan and announce too. You might have been buried under tons of work and projects lately […]

PCIM 2016 – Live stream

PCIM power electronics conference coverage news and update

You missed your flight? Don’t worry, keep reading this page twice a day and you will have enough to make your boss think you were actually there! You can also read this page just to know all the news, updates and gossips of Worldwide’s top Power Electronics event! Get your load of news and updates […]

What to expect at APEC 2016 ?

APEC Power electronics conference 2016 booth building exhibition

GaN again: good news? I remember reading a tribune on TI social blog about how much GaN discussions were exhausting these days. The author said that APEC 2015 was hammering with GaN. We have been talking about GaN over and over. And every year it’s the same thing. 2015 Rap Session at APEC concluded once […]