Nordic Power Converters get its first big order from HeSaLight

Nordic power converters LED power supply power electronics

The company HeSaLight has just booked no less than 50,000 power converters at Nordic Power Converters:

Nordic Power Converters is a spin-out company based on several years of technology development at DTU Electrical Engineering. The newly developed power converters that are both smaller and much more durable than traditional power converters are to be used in LED luminaires which HeSaLight manufactures.

The large order and a capital investment of DKK 13m from Seed Capital and 10 other investors means that Nordic Power Converters can now expand the business and hire more employees. Thus the company can really get started with producing tomorrow’s power converters, which could also replace the current big and bulky power converters for PCs for instance. Earlier this year Nordic Power Converters won Danish Tech Challenge – a competition for hardware-based companies and EU’s prize EIT Venture Award.


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