Infineon starts full production for CoolGaN 400V & 600V devices

Infineon Technologies AG is starting volume production for CoolGaN™ products by the end of 2018, the company announced during PCIM Europe 2018 edition. Engineering samples of the high reliable GaN solution in the market are available now.

“Infineon is the global leader in power solutions and we truly believe that the next big thing in power management is gallium nitride,”

said Steffen Metzger, Senior Director High Voltage Conversion at Infineon. “Our goal is to be the first choice for customers when it comes to GaN power, and we have all assets in place to live up to this ambition. The market for GaN has been gaining a strong momentum; the advantages of using this technology in certain applications are evident. From operating expense and capital expenditure reduction, through higher power density enabling smaller and lighter designs, to overall system cost reduction, the benefits are compelling.”

Full production of CoolGaN 400 V and 600 V e-mode HEMTs will start by end of 2018:

  • CoolGaN 400 V will be available in 70 mΩ in SMD
    • Bottom-side cooled TO-leadless
    • Top-side cooled DSO-20-87 package
  • CoolGaN 600 V comes in
    • Top-side cooled DSO-20-87 package
    • Bottom-side cooled DSO-20-85.

The portfolio will be complemented with 70 mΩ and 190 mΩ 600V CoolGaN devices in bottom-side cooled TO-leadless  and DFN 8×8 packages with190 mΩ, the 600V CoolGaN portfolio will be complemented.


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