GT Advanced Technologies targets SiC wafer for its rebirth

GT Advanced Technologies opened and filled a new facility in Hudson with crystal furnaces from their former location in Merrimack. The objective? Start production of SiC wafers and target the growing Silicon Carbide devices market driven by new Power Electronics applications.

GT Advanced Technologies is well known to have been driven close to bankruptcy after a dangerous deal with Apple on Sapphire supply in 2015. The company is now reborn. The CEO, Greg Knight, announced its almost a completely new structure, that kept the former name. The engineering and finance team stayed, and found a new site for SiC production. According to M. Knight, they have the experience from the past, of installing, ramping up and running thousands of furnaces, so they will ramp up very quickly.

The objective is to be ready as a leading supplier for the Silicon Carbide market boom to come in 2021 or 2022. The process is based on GT Advanced Technologies ‘SiClone’ sublimation furnace and SiC seeds.

They also want to reduce cost, with six inch wafers at 1000$ in a near future.


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