Rohm testing SiC Power Module in Formula E race cars

Rohm semiconductor is part of the first manufacturers to have developed and release SiC MOSFET in volume production. In order to demonstrate the performance of their devices, they sponsor the Venturi racing team: A team involved electric race car championship Formula E.

They presented last week the latest improvements added to the Venturi race car. After 3 seasons, Rohm and Venturi managed to reduce the size and weight of the main inverter, step by step. The 220 kW inverter is the main power piece of the official FIA (Fédération International de L’Automobile) electric-powered race championship.

The 4th version of the inverter, to be used in 2018, is now 4 kg lighter and 30% smaller compared to the one used in 2017. It’s now weighting 9 kg.

Rohm step by step improvement of the main inverter for Venturi team electric car

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