Monolith Announces Availability 1200V SiC Diode Engineering Samples

Monolith Semiconductor announces the availability of engineering samples of 1200V, 5A and 10A Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky diode in TO-220 package. These SiC diodes feature zero reverse recovery current, superior avalanche ruggedness, excellent surge current capability and low leakage currents at high temperatures. The diodes have been manufactured at X-FAB Texas’ 150mm SiC foundry.

The collaboration with the US Department of Energy and Power America has been key in achieving this milestone in advanced manufacturing of the SiC devices.

“While the benefits of SiC devices in improving the efficiency and reducing the size, weight and volume of power electronic systems is well known, the adoption has been slow due to the high cost of these devices. Manufacturing these SiC diodes in a high volume Silicon manufacturing facility will enable us to provide cost effective, high performance and high reliability SiC devices to our customers”

states Dr. Sujit Banerjee, CEO of Monolith Semiconductor Inc. Dr. Kiran Chatty, VP of Product Development stated, “The superior switching performance of these diodes will reduce losses by over 50% compared to Silicon diodes resulting in higher energy efficiency in power electronic applications such as solar inverters, motor drives and power supplies”.


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