Mitsubishi Electric new standard for Power module packaging

Mitsubishi Electric corporation announced today it will begin work on the development of standardized-package high-power semiconductor modules for use in heavy industry, including traction and electric-power applications, aiming to offer an optimal design for energy savings and high efficiency in high-power electronics systems.

Design Concept of High-Power Module with New Package

  • Common package design for modules of up to 6.5kV rating
  • Simple, easy parallel connection realizes various current ratings
  • Package compatibility with products of Infineon Technologies AG (Germany)


The first products to incorporate the new design platform will be for the high-voltage classes 3.3kV (450A), 4.5kV (400A) and 6.5kV (275 A). The standardized package will measure 100mm x 140mm x 40mm.

High-power modules are key devices used in power systems of between several kW and several MW. High-current modules with maximum ratings of 6.5 kV exist already. The industrial power market requires diverse modules suited to various current and voltage ratings according to each system’s power-conversion capacity. Products with compatible package dimensions from multiple manufacturing sources are also in demand.

Mitsubishi Electric intends to satisfy these market demands with its new high-power modules. Further details will be introduced in power electronics-related exhibitions, such as TECHNO-FRONTIER in Japan and Power Conversion Intelligent Motion Europe in Germany, both of which will be held in May 2015.

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