Littelfuse to acquire IXYS Corporation

Littelfuse keep going with its entry in the power semiconductor business. The company, which formerly was mainly involved in protection and passive components, is now about to acquire IXYS Corporation. The deal is estimated at $ 750 million in cash and actions.

This comes after an investment to take a majority stake in Monolith Semi, a leading Silicon Carbide power devices start-up, and the acquisition of a division of ON Semiconductor.

The most important acquisition in Littelfuse’s history:

IXYS Corporation is a pioneer of the power device manufacturer’s landscape. They focus on medium and high voltage components, producing IGBTs, Diodes, Thyristors, but also IGBT and MOSFET drivers, among other components in power, RF, power control and protection.

IXYS Corporation was created in 1983, and grew in different fields through acquisitions worldwide. The IXYS brand is recognized and declined worldwide according to each division and application: IXYS Power, IXYS RF, IXYS UK Westcode…

Littelfuse ixys acquisition strategy alignement applications

Extract from Littelfuse investor presentation.

Conquering the Power Electronics World:

This acquisition will help Littelfuse’s in a growth strategy:

  • Extend its footprint in the power semiconductor manufacturing business
  • Access to manufacturing capacity through IXYS fabs
  • Access to many new customers to propose Littelfuse next generation SiC devices (issue of a previous investment in Monolith Semi)

The final entity will realize annual sales of approximately $ 1,5 billion. Littelfuse can now be considered as a main player in the Power Semiconductor Field.

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