GaN Systems revealed 120Amp GaN transistors

GaN Systems, the Canadian Gallium Nitride power transistor start-up, revealed during APEC 2018 conference in San Antonio, TX, its new product line. GS-010-120-1-T is an enhancement mode GaN-on-Si power transistor with a rated breakdown voltage of 100V, and a current capability of 120A, with a 5 mOhm Rdson. It surpasses the 90A of the latest GaN Systems high current device.

GaN Systems target the 48V applications in automotive, industry and renewable energy applications. Using 48V bus is quite a new trend pushed by form factor reduction needs, especially for automotive applications: Battery charging, BMS, auxiliary systems or small EV, as demonstrated recently by Valeo.

GaN Systems plans to develop technology solutions on these two main voltages: 100V and 650V, to target new applications and innovation spreading in this field.


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