Navitas pave GaN’s way in the consumer charger world

Navitas Semiconductor today announced that GaNFast™ power ICs are used in the ‘Mu One’, a universal 45W consumer charger with an ultra-slim form factor: 14mm thickness. A Navitas GaN power IC is used in combination with USB-PD (USB Type C plug). The 45W adapter can fast-charge a smartphone or charge a laptop.

GaN power ICs reduce the size, weight and cost of  passive components by operating at higher frequency, and keeping losses low. The use of such devices using GaN ICs was expected for more than a year. Precedents small and light chargers include Dart from FiNSix, Zolt from Avogy, or the 55cc from Innergie (a subsidiary of Delta Electronics). PntPower analyzed the trend in previous articles (here, here and here) and will soon publish an update on this topic.

This time, the device is produce by Made in Mind, a UK based start-up:

“At Made in Mind, we are pre-programmed to challenge industry norms, we seek the finest of partners who share our beliefs. The Navitas GaNFast chips in the Mu One gave us a tremendous edge on speed-of-charging, efficiency and size”.

Commented Mathew Judkins, CEO of Made-in-Mind.

“Consumers can anticipate a wide range of fast-charging, high-density solutions in the coming months as our customers deliver a new class of power adapters with our GaNFast power IC technology.”

said Gene Sheridan, Navitas CEO.

The Mu One 45W adapter is available via a crowdfunding campaign, similarly to its competitors.

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