Alpha & Omega Semiconductor launch new GaN device

Alpha and omega semiconductor logo

AOS (Alpha & Omega Semiconductor) has released a new Gallium Nitride device in their αGAN™ Technology platform: the AONV070V65G1.

The new device is a 650 V and 45 A device with a 70mOhm Rds(ON) (On-resistance). It’s the seconde device released by Alpha & Omega Semiconductor but it replaces the previous device. It’s proposed in a standard DFN 8×8 package.

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor has made the device available as of today, in production quantities, at a price of 8.00 USD for 10k units.

It comes to complete the power devices product line of Power MOSFET (including Super Junction MOSFET, IGBT, IPM, GaN and Power IC).


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