Eltek release a GaN-based Power Supply

(Edit-10/10/17: Infineon GaN technology is not cascode based, as stated first.)

FlatPack is the name of Eltek’s power solution for Data Centers. It’s a line of flexible rackable power supplies with a 220VDC to 400VDC input. It converts it to 48VDC for servers. They released yesterday the Flatpack 2 SHE (for Super High Efficiency).

It reaches an efficiency of up to 98.2%, with a claimed power density of 33W/in³. Eltek used CoolGaN technology to reach these performances. These are the GaN Enhancement mode devices from Infineon, ranging from 100 to 600V. This is the first example of a commercial Data Center and Telecom power supply using GaN devices.

No information is given on the price range nor the number of devices and the topology. But Infineon and Eltek propose their cost of energy annual savings estimation (compared with FaltPack 2):

  • For a Base station in Italy (6kW) – Savings are estimated at 576€
  • For an office in UK (250kW) – Savings are estimated at £18.350

Additional information about this power supply (especially the datasheet) is available from Eltek.

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