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You missed your flight? Don’t worry, keep reading this page twice a day and you will have enough to make your boss think you were actually there!

You can also read this page just to know all the news, updates and gossips of Worldwide’s top Power Electronics event!

Get your load of news and updates from PCIM, Nuremberg, with our (almost) live coverage!

Last Update—Thursday 12th—Evening:

  • About GaN: Transphorm was actually there, on a booth with their local distributor. The interesting part is that they came and presented an IPM built by Shindengen with their cascode dies. It’s not a product yet but will be soon. Vincotech and all other power module makers are in the starting blocks to release their GaN based product line. The tricky being to bet on the right company.
  • About SiC: Infineon CoolSiC MOSFETs are trench MOSFETs. Infineon claimed they needed to step up to trench in order to meet their quality and performance standards.

3rd Update—Wednesday 11th—Morning:

  • About SiC: Infineon presents its SiC MOSFET (called CoolSiC) on its booth. It’s displayed on 6 inch SiC wafers.  Rohm presents the Trench SiC MOSFET. It’s their 3rd generation of Silicon Carbide MOSFET
  • About GaN: Navitas is present to talk about their monolithic GaN IC, integrating a GaN power device and its driver all on the same die.
  • About IGBT: ON Semiconductor introduced a new series of IGBTs based on their Ultra Field Trench Stop technology. These are 1200V devices in TO-247 packages, and they are already available.

2nd Update—Tuesday 10th—Evening:

1st Update—Tuesday 10th—Morning:

  • Exagan announced their partnership with Hirex engineering for test and qualification of their GaN devices, after announcing to have a fab (X-Fab) working on the production of their devices. Even though we don’t have much information about their G-FET technology, it seems that it is making its way to public availability. Wait and see, the GaN Market can be full of surprises! (By the way, Point the Power has a market report about GaN to be released this month. Drop us an e-mail to know more).
  • Littelfuse Inc. announced new SiC Schottky diodes to its portfolio of Power semiconductors. LFUSCD series now features 650V to 1200V diodes from 4A to 30A.
  • Wolfspeed announced the first All-SiC Power Module based on their MOSFET and manufactured at their Fayetteville site (formerly APEI Inc. site, acquired in 2015). It’s a 1200V/325A Half-Bridge power module.
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    • Alex AVRON says:

      They would not disclose the exact process. All information we could get is that there is a DBC on top, another at the bottom, and it’s a soldering process.


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