GlobalWafers to acquire Topsil Silicon wafer branch

Semiconductor-grade silicon wafer maker GlobalWafers has disclosed it will acquire a 100% stake in the wafer business unit of Denmark-based Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S at Danish Krone 320 million (US$48.27 million).

GlobalWafers is a subsidiary solar wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS).

Topsil is a globally main developer of FZ (float zone) wafer manufacturing process and a main producer of FZ wafers, GlobalWafers said. Topsil-produced FZ wafers are mainly used to make high- and medium-power devices used in heavy electric machines, automated industrial equipment, power-generating equipment, wind power-generating turbines and high-speed and mass rapid transit trains, GlobalWafers indicated.

The acquisition covers products, personnel, technology and business relations of Topsil’s wafer business unit as well as Topsil’s wafer factories in Denmark and Poland, GlobalWafers said. Through the acquisition, GlobalWafers can extend wafer manufacturing technology from CZ (Czochralski) process to FZ process and marketing presence from Asia and North America to Europe, the company indicated.

The acquisition is expected to be finished by the end of June 2016, GlobalWafers said.


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