Chinese manufacturer Hua-Hong now producing 700V BCD MOS

Today, Hua Hong Semiconductor, a pure-play 200mm foundry, announced that it has achieved mass production of its new-generation ultra-high voltage 0.5um 700V BCD series process platform with over 98% yield. This process platform mainly focuses on the applications of green energy such as AC-DC converters and LED lighting.

While maintaining the original cost advantage of at least 12 pieces per 1P1M (1 poly layer and 1 metal layer), the new process further integrates 7.5V CMOS, 20V/40V medium-voltage LDMOS and 200V to 700V high-voltage power LDMOS for a broader scope of ultra-high voltage options to meet the needs of different voltage applications. This solution can provide difference-oriented Junction Field-Effect Transistor (JFET) and high-voltage resistance devices for start-up circuits as well as a lot of other options.

“Hua Hong Semiconductor’s ultra-high voltage 700V BCD technology caters for the trend of energy saving. Supported by this process platform, the high-voltage, low-current LED lighting drivers have a very broad market prospect”

said Dr. Kong Weiran, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor,

“We intend to continue to further enhance our advanced and differentiated process technology portfolio applied to LED lighting to manufacture high-performance, cost-effective LED driver ICs. In the future, we will expand our advanced power management platform to offer a comprehensive suite of cost-effective solutions for customers.”

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