VisIC Launches Double-side cooled 650V GaN Switch

VisIC Technologies, Ltd. Is announcing the launch of a new product, offered in a smaller package with bottom side cooling, an on resistance (RDS(ON)) rating of 0.080Ω, and a reduced external components requirement using a simplified driving scheme.

This new 650V GaN Power Switch is a member of the ALL-Switch family designed for bridge converters in motor drives, power supplies, chargers, UPS, Inverters and other circuits requiring high efficiency and currents up to 12A.

VisIC Technology’s designs operate with lower gate charge and capacitance than competitive products while providing the benefits of low RDS(ON). Offered in low inductance packaging, the ALL-Switch family is able to deliver high efficiency. For comparison, ALL-Switch’s switching losses are 3-5 times lower than comparable SIC MOSFET transistors operating at the same frequency.

The V80N65B answers the need expressed by many of VisIC’s customers for a bottom- side cooled package in their designs after they have experienced ALL-Switch’s low switching losses.

The V80N65B Bottom-side cooled power switch supplements VisIC’s, existing ALL Switch top-side cooled product line of 650V GaN devices: The V22N65A, V22S65A, and V18G65A.

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