Infineon expands its 1200V IGBT line

Infineon Technologies AG expands its 1200 V discrete IGBT product line. The devices, rated now at up to 75 A, are co-packed with a diode in TO-247PLUS packages.

Typical targeted applications are motor drives, photovoltaic inverters or UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). A few emerging applications also required this kind of device: battery charging and other energy storage systems.

The new TO247PLUS package delivers, according to Infineon, double current rating, and a larger lead frame area (thus bigger IGBT dies and lower thermal resistance) compared to T0-247-3 packages. A 4-pin version is also available, providing Kelvin emitter source pin for lower inductance gate-emitter control loop and reduced switching losses.

The 1200V devices are available in T0-247PLUS 3 pins and 4 pins packages, at 40 A, 50 A and 75 A, including the full current free-wheeling diode, in high volume.

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