Epistar LED adopts GaN-on-Si process from Allos semi

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Epistar Corporation and ALLOS Semiconductors today announced the successful conclusion of their project to establish ALLOS’ mature 150 and 200 mm GaN-on-Si technology at Epistar. The project was executed with better than expected results and ahead of schedule in less than six months. For example excellent and reproducible crystal quality was achieved with total dislocation density value of 2×108 cm-2. With this performance Epistar has caught up with the world leading results of forerunners which have been developing GaN-on-Si LED technology for a long time.

During the project ALLOS established its GaN-on-Si epiwafer process on Epistar’s epitaxy reactors. Epistar engineers were trained and worked in the integrated project team with ALLOS to gain full understanding and control over the GaN-on-Si technology. Currently Epistar’s own leading LED technology is been transferred to GaN-on-Si structures.

“To conduct the technology transfer with ALLOS has proven to be the right decision for Epistar as it allowed us to quickly gain command over their leading GaN-on-Si technology in a very cost-efficient and reliable way”

says Dr. M. J. Jou, President of Epistar Corporation, and continues

“In a second phase we will now be focussing on realising the cost advantages of GaN-on-Si LEDs and to unlock the application benefits.”

“To accomplish a project of this size and complexity with such results is a complete success and a good reason to be proud of the teams from both parties”

comments Burkhard Slischka, CEO and Co-founder of ALLOS and further explains “This result underlines ALLOS’ project execution skills as well as our technical capabilities to grow crack free wafers with market leading crystal quality. This is an example that our fast, cost-effective and successful implementation of GaN-on-Si helps our customers to reduce development risk and to save time and money.”

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