Atom Power onto 2nd generation of SiC based circuit breakers

Atom Power has unveiled the second generation of its technology of circuit breakers. The Generation 2 Atom Switch is now UL Listed to UL 489I — the standard listing for solid-state circuit breakers. In May 2019, the Generation 1 Atom Switch was the first of its kind Listed to UL 489I.

This new generation of Atom Power’s circuit breaker contains the company’s own proprietary SiC Power Modules, which doubles the performance as compared to the Generation 1 Atom Switch. Atom Power is the first company to use Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors in commercially available solid state circuit breakers, and the only company to manufacture SiC semiconductor modules specifically for use in circuit protection. The SiC Power Modules — models SWXFT100CPM and SWXFT50CPM

By incorporating semiconductor power modules that we designed and manufactured ourselves, we have taken our technology to the next level

said Denis Kouroussis, co-founder and CTO of Atom Power

Atom Power’s product suite includes its digital circuit breakers (Atom Switches), distribution panels (Atom Panels) and software (Atom OS)

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