aPSI3D raises €1.5 Million seed to produce innovative power modules

 aPSI3D (agile Power Switch 3D-Integration), a start-up specialized in Electronic Low Inductance High Power Modules which enables compacter, lighter and more efficient electrical power inverters, announced that it has raised €1.5 million in first-round financing that will be used to develop, industrialize and manufacture its highly integrated, high-speed power switching modules, whose key differentiation is evidenced at high voltage (>300V) and high power (>10kVA).

APSI 3D power module packaging power electronics

The investors are two leading French venture funds with a track record of identifying and fostering promising, fast-growth, early-stage technology companies:

  • IRDInov, a regional seed investor in emerging, fast-growth companies
  • CEA investissement, a fund manager focused on technology companies, which invested via the CEA strategic fund.

Bpifrance also provided continuous financial support to aPSI3D, starting prior to this first round of venture-fund backing. Thanks to technology partnerships with CEA Tech and IRT Saint Exupéry, and as a member of PRIMES innovation platform in Tarbes, aPSI3D has access to a complete array of state-of-the-art power electronics talents and tools. European aeronautics has a long legacy in Toulouse, and automotive power electronics was launched there.

aPSI3D‘s solution derives from fifteen years of research and development. 3D-stacking, double side cooling, and wire-bondless technology are the key levers to fourfold better compactness and lightness. The transition to industrial manufacturing is kept straightforward, due to its standard bill of material, and provides aPSI3D a competitive advantage because its embedded paradigm shift requires processes out of current back-end players’ know-how. Eco-mobility drives new keywords: autonomy, weight and volume.

« Wide bandgap semiconductor dies (SiC and GaN), which promise highly reduced heat dissipations, let users dream of simplified applications. Nevertheless, usual power modules have too much inductance for a relevant utilisation of such new generation dies at large power levels. This is where our innovative modules become necessary. »

Jacques FAVRE, aPSI3D‘s CEO and co-founder, explains.

«Our products are developed in close cooperation with die manufacturers selected for their advanced and proven technology; with our solution, they can multiply their die value over a wide range of higher value, cost competitive products. »

Once its customers confirm qualification, aPSI3D will be able to ramp-up production.

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