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You missed your flight? Don’t worry, keep reading this page twice a day and you will have enough to make your boss think you were actually there! You can also read this page just to know all the news, updates and gossips of Worldwide’s top Power Electronics event! Get your load of news and updates […]

APEC Power electronics conference 2016 booth building exhibition

GaN again: good news? I remember reading a tribune on TI social blog about how much GaN discussions were exhausting these days. The author said that APEC 2015 was hammering with GaN. We have been talking about GaN over and over. And every year it’s the same thing. 2015 Rap Session at APEC concluded once […]

Chipworks Zolt Laptop charger SiC Cree mosfet
[Update 23/02/2016: We had several questions and feedback about this article. We would like to specify its context, hypothesis and boundaries. As specified in the title, this analysis is focusing on a specific application at a given time. We are talking about small laptop chargers for a design made during 2014 with a product released […]

There was a time when consumer electronics innovations were the adaptation of Government’s and institution’s technology needs, into cheaper home sized devices, like microwave oven or flat screen TV. Now some technology makers are still trying to renew those old saturated markets with some innovation (like TV market, which failed in selling us 3D and […]

This is not really a classical post. You will not learn any new information by reading it… but it could make you see the World a bit differently (well, our World to be precise, the Power Electronics World). See, none of the pieces of news we used for this article are new. But at PointTheGap, what […]


Who to buy Fairchild? According to media sources, Fairchild semiconductor is looking forward to be acquired. The company as commissioned Goldman Sachs to find a buyer. Among the companies interested: Infineon and ON Semiconductor. Infineon already acquired International Rectifier. It was officially signed in January 2015. They were world leader in the power semiconductor market […]

Tesla model S IGBT inverter power module packaging

I recently had the chance to test drive a Tesla. Not like any Tesla, the super-powered one: S85PD. The one that has an “Insane” mode and can beat a Ferrari at traffic lights. Even though there was no Ferrari at the traffic light we stopped at, I can trust the fact that it can compete […]

Analyzing Power electronics markets and technologies cannot let you insensible to Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide. I remember my manager in the past, who was always very happy to work on Silicon Carbide. A technology for which R&D and applications was long to come. But it was not easy for him to launch market analysis […]

IGBT MOSFET Super junction MOSFET SiC GaN positionning Transphorm keynote

MOSFET versus IGBT: round 1 The MOSFET or IGBT question is a recurring one. We all have faced this question once. Knowing which type of FET to go for. And the question is still going-on. You can look for the web, and you find an IGBT manufacturer’s e-book about how IGBT’s are such a good […]

Tesla powerwall and model S

Update 20/05/2016: Nissan partnered with Eaton to integrate used EV batteries in home storage systems. Their solutions integrates the charger, the inverter and can operate as a UPS, as a storage for PV inverters or with energy from the grid, etc. Update 25/11/2015: Audi also announced they will re-use batteries for fast chargers or to […]