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Semikron power module skin technology

I remember a story told recently by a famous French writer. He was visiting North Korea as the next plot of his novel is happening there. As it’s not a very free country, a guide was with him all along. He asked him: “ Can we visit this building over there”. The guide replied: “Yes, […]

Gallium nitride devices players map

Gallium Nitride Power electronics players on a map, with insight & analysis delivered with a smile by Point The Power! See the Market Report

Zolt and finsix dart Gallium nitride based power supplies

Have you ever seen a Wide Band Gap semiconductor market report talking about laptop adaptors? [Update 06/2016]: You want to know more about the GaN power devices market and applications? We have a market report released in June 2016, talking about that. Click here to see it! Nobody I know and that has been working […]

Chip maker NXP Semiconductors NV has agreed to buy smaller peer Freescale Semiconductor Ltd and merge operations in a deal valuing the combined company at over $40 billion. Not as much complementary products as the Infineon/International rectifier acquisition: This deal is following the one made by Infineon to acquire International rectifier a few weeks ago. […]

1. Who is this “Rohm” again…? Kyoto based Rohm Semiconductor is the technology leader of SiC power devices. They have been the first to release SiC Schottky diodes, SiC MOSFET in 2010 and Full-SiC power modules in 2012. They also master the full supply chain since the acquisition of the German SiC wafer manufacturer SiCrystal […]

little box challenge google IEEE

1. The bounty… That’s done. Google is officially in power electronics. Well they were already. They did invest into Transphorm (Gallium Nitride based power semiconductors) but that was through the Google Ventures subsidiary. Now that their Little box Challenge is claiming a prize for reduced size inverter, We can’t say anymore it’s not in their […]