PowerSoC and PowerSiP Markets

Power System-on-Chip and Power System-in-Package technologies and market analysis

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What you will get

  • PwrSoC, PowerSoC or Power System-on-Chip: Integration of a power converter on the same silicon die.
  • PwrSip, PowerSiP or Power System-in-Package: Integration of a power converter in a device package.

That is the level of integration we are reaching now. Power supply designers and systems integrators are now working hands in hands to make the integration of power supplies inside the same tiny package or on the same die possible. Integrating power supplies to get smaller and lighter systems is not new, but there is a real technology and market challenge with a demand created by handheld devices and internet of thing. Ignoring these markets would be an error. This report will make you knowledgeable.

PowerSiP is here, and PowerSoC is coming, pulled by the IoT market growth:

One of the great technology gap to overcome is the integration of passive components. Their are miniaturizable and you can integrate them in a package. This explains why companies like Enpirion (acquired by Altera, acquired by Intel), made these types of components possible and available. It’s a great way to have ready to go and configurable small power supplies. On the other hand, the development of portable devices with very small PCB space and higher battery and power savings requirements surge for such devices. It’s only the beginning of PowerSoC and PowerSiP in our smartwatches, autonomous sensors, house automation, tablets, mobile phones…

It’s all about packaging and integration: flip-chip, TSV, embedded-die, 3D packaging…

3D Packaging, advanced packaging, Flip-chip, Fan-in, Fan-out… All terms that you don’t know much about as a power electronics or power converters engineer. These are common terms in the semiconductor packaging world. PowerSoC and PowerSiP are as much about power electronics than it is about semiconductor packaging. That’s the key feature of this report. We build the bridge between advanced packaging technologies and power semiconductor and passive components. It will make clear the paths that PowerSoC and PowerSiP will walk to build this market.

Objective: Build a clear analysis of players, technologies and markets:

We will bring a clear and detailed analysis of the companies involved in these markets. This includes semiconductor and wide band gap semiconductor players but not only. We will also review and analyze the technologies and strategies of integrated passive manufacturers, packaging and assembly companies as well integrators who are users and potential customers for PowerSoC and PowerSiP.

All applications will be reviewed. From the already established computing, laptop, tablets, smartphones and all hand-held devices. But we will also analyze the future Internet-of-things applications, wearable electronics, embedded electronics for new usage…

Now be part of it and pre-buy a clear and insightful report. It’s about your business and your future.


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